6 to 7 tonne Digging Buckets

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6 to 7 tonne Digging Buckets

6 to 7 tonne Digging Buckets

Heavy duty digging buckets manufactured for all makes and models of excavators from 6 to 7 tonnes. For full details please download our product brochure pdf.

Please refer to the Excavator Fitting Guide if you are unsure of the makemodel of your machine or how to check the measurements required. Note this is for reference only and may change depending on actual machine.

Machine Specs:

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€399.00 Excl. VAT

Excavator Class:
From 0.8 tonne to 9.9 tonne

Bucket Width:
6 inches (150mm)
9 inches (230mm)
12 inches (300mm)
18 inches (450mm)
24 inches (600mm)
30 inches (750mm)
36 inches (900mm)
42 inches (1000mm)