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All prices exclude VAT at 23% (for Ireland)

  • All buckets in our  mini excavator attachment range are made using 450 hb hardened blades. The blades will last a MINIMUM of 30% longer than our competitors.
  • The roll plate used is Strenex 700mc, many of our competitors are using only mild steel. Our buckets will therefore last 50% longer.
  • A weld on teeth system is used on our buckets, allowing for ease of replacement, ensuring less down time and lower maintenance cost for our customers when changing tips.
  • Our buckets have more breakout force due to the teeth as opposed to the bolt on type used by other manufacturers.
  • Straps are horizontal across the bucket enforcing strength.
  • The bottom  half section of our quick hitches are made using 20mm hardox resulting in increased strength.