Vertical Log Splitter

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Vertical Log Splitter
HAND Vertical Log Splitter

Vertical Log Splitter

This is a 14 tonne Vertical Tractor Log Splitter. It is the best log splitter on the market today for safety, quality,performance and cost effectiveness. 

User safety is our priority and the HAND Log Splitter adheres to all recommended safety standards.


It is available for tractors that are able to handle Category I or Category II and Category III three-point hitch implements and is equipped with a two-way valve (for double acting cylinders) and hydraulic outlets.

The log splitter is fitted with a self-returning valve which allows the cylinder to return automatically once the log is split again improving performance and efficiency.

It has a rotating gripper plate and can split logs up to 400mm high.


€819.00 Excl. VAT

14 tonne Vertical Log Splitter.

Splits logs up to 400mm high.

Two handled operation for Operator Safety.

For tractors available to handle Category I, Category II and Category III 3-point hitch implements.

Fitted with Rotating Gripper Plate.


Hand Engineering Vertical Log SplitterVertical 14tonne Tractor Log Splitter.