Pole Grab Bucket 12 tonne

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Pole Grab Bucket 12 tonne

Pole Grab Bucket 12 tonne

A leading edge patented design which in practice has improved productivity by 50% for operators.
The original method using a chain and bucket for erecting poles by 360 degree excavators has deemed to be unsafe by various governing bodies.

As a result Hand Engineering Ltd. developed this product to address those safety concerns and provide safe reliable and efficient method of erecting poles using this unique patented design.

The Pole Grab Bucket design not only allows conventional digging but with its clever design transforms itself into a grab or clamping device which carries and installs a pole safely and efficiently.

Safe and proven method of installing poles with 360 degree excavator.
CE certified product.
Available for any excavator make or model from 3 to 13 tonnes operating weight
Digs and installs pole, all in one attachment therefore operators have actually gained at least a 50% increase in productivity.


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Safest method of erecting poles with 360 degree excavators
Proven method of installing and erecting poles
Digs hole and then grabs pole without changing attachment
Has increased productivity by 50% for all operators
Long lasting performance
High Quality