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MiniGrazer by Hand Engineering
Mini Grazer at work
MiniGrazer can be used as a trailed mower.


minigrazer is a totally new concept which shall be launched at the National Ploughing Championships 2019 on the 16th September. 

It’s market appeal not only accommodates a niche in global farming, but presents a unique solution to multiple business types in the areas of:

  • Equine Grass Management
  • Parkland Maintenance
  • Wildflower Management
  • Grassland Management
  • Zero Grazing Application

Low Carbon Emissions Grassland Management*. The mini grazer can be used by low to medium horsepower tractors, substantially reducing energy demands along with eradicating the needs of the end user to purchase specialist self-propelled machinery. This significantly reduces carbon footprint, saves costs and presents more sustainable environmental impact for the respective industries. 

Published data* indicates zero carbon impact farming, including grassland management systems will become a major trend in the immediate future. 


The minigrazer has a load capacity of 5 cubic metres (equivalent to 1 tonne of grass), together with a sloping floor and unique door design which allows unloading with ease and without moving parts.


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Suitable for: 

  • Wildflower Management
  • Parkland Management
  • Zero Grazing Application - bringing grass to feed beef or dairy animals
  • Equine Grass Management 


Two sizes of the minigrazer are available: 

  1. 5 cubic metre capacity with a 2.1 cutting width drum mower;
  2. 4.5 cubic metres with a 1.85m cutting width drum mower. 

With 500mm flotation tyres it is also suitable for wet conditions.

The minigrazer can be adjusted to be use as a trailed mower for mowing meadows and other crops.